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Volvo Servicing Done Right at Bergeron Volvo Cars Near New Orleans, LA

A Volvo SUV, sedan or wagon comes to you as a finely tuned machine. And for Volvo performance to remain at its zenith, care must be administered in form of regular servicing and maintenance.

At Bergeron Volvo Cars, our service center prides itself on its expertise in Volvo, no matter the model. So, given the fact that Volvo designs engines for fighter jets, it will benefit you to regularly service your Volvo XC40.

The Bergeron Volvo Cars Oil Change Difference

Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. With so many engine parts and components working in concert, oil lubricates everything. Though, all oil may encounter degrading and contaminants over time. That's why Bergeron Volvo Cars offers Metairie and Slidell Volvo clientele a selection of premier conventional and synthetic oil and accompanying filters. Then, you're assured of engine performance and efficiency as designed.

Tire Servicing and Rotation

The most critical aspect of safe driving is robust tire health. Uneven wear or bare tire treads are nothing to dismiss or ignore. Sidewalls too will see the brunt of weathering and pockmarked Hammond roads. And should inflation be an issue, there could be something lodged in your tire. Whatever the case, Bergeron Volvo Cars' technicians will examine your tires during the oil change for anything amiss or wear oriented. Tire rotations are also a must every few thousand miles.

Wheel Alignment

Alignment issues are easy to notice, and may be seen on your tire treads as well. If ever you've experienced your Volvo S60 pulling to the left or right in a "natural" sort of way, it will need fixing. Specialized tuning equipment will be utilized to adjust the tilt of your wheels, and with that proper steering. This is handled outside of a regular oil change.

Brake Systems and Parts Inspected

Brake systems comprise several parts, and most noticeable while your Volvo V90 is on the lift while oil is drained. So, should one part become faulty, it will seriously affect the others. This will be noticed when trying to apply the brakes. You may feel grinding or shuddering, hear squeaking or other noises. In spite of the importance of brake systems, a fix here is easy and quick. Pads and calipers can be replaced, and rotors resurfaced.

Engine Components Examined

While your oil is being replenished, engine components comprising belts and hoses are inspected for wear, punctures or loose fits. Enough wear of a belt and it might fall off, thereby immobilizing your Volvo XC90, wherever in Covington it is.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Engine air filters ensure clean air is flowing through the engine for peak performance. A damaged or worn filter here will allow road debris and dust or other contaminants to invade the engine. Parts and components could be damaged as a result, and fuel efficiency will be hindered.

Fluids Levels Checked and Topped off

Many vehicle systems such as steering, brake and wiper blades require fluids for efficient and safe operation. Each system reservoir is found under the hood, and is easily checked for proper fluid levels.

Battery Servicing and Wiper Blade Replacement

An oil change is a good time to have your Volvo V60 Cross Country's battery cleared of residue. And if you've noticed starting your Volvo comes with some delay, have the battery tested for energy capacity.

Wiper blade vitality is something that shouldn't be overlooked. With streaks left across your Volvo SUV's windscreen, new wiper blades are needed.

Other Services

Bergeron Volvo Cars, Your One-Stop Volvo Service Center

For an oil change, a more specific vehicle issue or repair, no appointment is necessary. And while you wait, a comfortable space affords relaxation as your Volvo XC40 meets with the servicing it needs.

So, stop by our local New Orleans service center today, or schedule a service date.

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Volvo's Five Promises to You Explained by Your New Orleans Area Dealership

1. Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty. You've paid for a new Volvo car part. You've paid for skilled labor to fix your beloved Volvo. Don't pay more than once for the same thing- you've done your part, so we will do ours. 

2. Complimentary Diagnostics. When you get a warning light or notification on your dashboard, we'll be happy to let you know what it means and how much it will cost to perform the necessary maintenance or repair. If you're handy with auto service, you may prefer to do it yourself. If you're planning on visiting for your next service interval soon, you may be able to consolidate services. Subject to software and visual inspection time limitation for more extensive evaluations. See advisor for details.

3. Technical Software Updates. Never one to settle for "great," Volvo is perpetually updating the software in your car. You shouldn't have to spend mental energy on keeping track of software updates; every time you come in for a service, we will make sure your Volvo has the latest update.

4. Car Washes. If you bring in your car or SUV to the NOLA area's Bergeron Volvo Cars for service, we will return it to you cleaner than it came in! Alternate Transportation. Bringing in your Volvo for an extensive service or a car repair? You don't have to wait around for it. We'll find a way to get you where you need to go, so your life doesn't go on hold for your Volvo. Subject to our Alternative Transportation Policy. See advisor for details.

5. Tow for Life. We've got you covered. Even after your warranty has expired, your vehicle is still eligible for Tow for Life. With no cost, we will arrange to have your car towed to the nearest authorized Volvo retailer within a 25-mile radius.