Volvo Battery Replacement near New Orleans

We operate a certified Volvo service department at Bergeron Volvo Cars in Metairie ready to provide any Volvo cars near New Orleans with their much-needed battery sales and services. Rest assured that when it comes to your Volvo's battery, we provide all of the new battery sales and routine inspections that your vehicle will need at a remarkable quality and value that makes us wonder why anyone from Kenner, Jefferson, or Elmwood would take their car to an independent service shop when we offer a trustworthy one-stop Volvo service shop providing certified Volvo service.

How long does the average auto battery last?

The average battery lasts between two to three years with reliable performance but we have also seen batteries die faster and live much longer. It is for this reason that we recommend routine battery inspections to stay on top of your Volvo's battery health to achieve reliable battery performance and to replace it before it becomes unreliable.

Battery Inspections

Battery inspections by a certified technician are excellent for knowing when an old battery needs to be replaced, especially since any physical case disfiguration demands replacement. The battery case inspection will find any physical problems such as bloating, corrosion, or leaking fluid that require replacement to restore peak performance at specifications. 

Battery Electrical Performances Testing

Battery inspections include two electrical tests that measure how much voltage is stored in the battery (reserve capacity) and many amps are being sent from the battery (cold-cranking amps). If the battery has reserve capacity or cold-cranking amps below specifications, the battery will require replacement to restore the vehicle's electrical system to factory specifications.

Battery Replacement Service at Bergeron Volvo

Battery replacement at Bergeron Volvo Cars is a value-added service that features the same quality ingredients as any other routine maintenance or repair including a certified technician, genuine Volvo OEM battery, and a comprehensive and thorough inspection of the complete electrical system emphasizing the terminal and battery charging system connections. 


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