Can I Use Your Tax Refund or Stimulus Check to Buy a Car In New Orleans?


Yes, you can use your tax refund or stimulus check to help buy a new or used car in New Orleans. In fact, tax season has always been a popular time of year for local drivers to buy or lease new cars, Now , with the added windfall of stimulus checks coming in the near future, you may just discover that you can get an upgrade on your current car without going over your budget. Apply for financing online in greater NOLA area at Bergeron Volvo Cars.

Why use my tax refund or stimulus check to shop for a new or used car?

If you're like a lot of drivers from Hammond to Slidell these days, than you're understandably a bit more cautious with your finances these days. Afterall, the ongoing coronavirus public health crisis as thrown the entire U.S. economy into chaos, which is what necessitated the stimulus checks through the federal CARES Act in the first place.

However, while everyone has been affected to some degree by the pandemic, many in the greater New Orleans area have been fortunate enough to retain their income by transitioning to working from home. So, if you don't need to reserve your tax return and stimulus for essential spending and living expenses, then what better way to leverage it to your benefit than by upgrading your means of transportation? Here's a few of the benefits to putting your stimulus and tax return toward your next vehicle from Bergeron Volvo Cars.

  • It'll help you boost your down payment: If you were already planning on buying or leasing a new car even before you got your tax return and stimulus check, you might've found yourself saving for months on end to build up your down payment. However, with the added influx of cash, it's easy to fun a substantial down payment with your stimulus check and tax return, which lowers your monthly payments in turn. Couple that with our innately competitive prices on new Volvo cars for sale at our showroom, and it's not hard to see how you can fit one of these luxe new cars into your budget.
  • It'll spare you from costly maintenance expenses in the long run: If you're like a lot of NOLA drivers, then you've been hanging on to your current car for a bit longer than you should. And with maintenance costs mounting year after year, it's high-time for you to trade up to a fresh set of wheels. Luckily, whether you choose from our new Volvo portfolio or the stock of used cars for sale near New Orleans at our showroom, you'll find reliable vehicles that cost less on average to maintain than your current car.
  • It's a great way to get the car of your dreams!: Let's face it, it's not everyday that the government hands you a check with no strings attached. And if you're set on using it to buy or lease a new car, there are no better options out there than a new Volvo vehicle. From compact crossovers like the Volvo XC40 to athletic sedans like the Volvo S90, our new Volvo lineup is brimming with attractive options. And with the forward-thinking features like Volvo Sensus and Volvo City Safety technologies available on most all new Volvo models, your stimulus check and tax return can truly put you into the driver's seat of some of the most enviable new luxury cars for sale in New Orleans these days.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of buying or leasing your next car with your stimulus check or tax return?

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