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Transmissions are an essential part of your car, helping you to shift through gears as you change your speed down the road. They can often be scary for many car owners, because any sort of issues with a transmission potentially means big-money expenses. Usually, when a customer is faced with the choice of replacing their vehicle's transmission, they'll begin to consider if they should simply purchase a new vehicle. While that route is totally understandable, if you're still absolutely in love with your car and aren't prepared to let it go, or you just aren't ready to look for a new car just yet, a transmission replacement service - while more expensive than your general preventative maintenance costs - is a cost-effective option of keeping you and your Volvo on the road together. And, while it's not always the case that your transmission needs replacing when faced with transmission issues, there are some key signs you can look for to identify whether or not you need a transmission replacement service.


Signs Your Volvo May Need a Transmission Replacement Service

There are a few telltale signs that will tell you whether or not your Volvo's transmission is on its last legs, and these signs may differ between manual and automatic vehicles. You'll want to beware of any clunking, grinding, or any other abnormalities when changing gears for those of you with manual transmissions. You may also notice issues with your clutch specifically - if pressing the clutch in becomes much more difficult, if it won't press all the way, or if the clutch chatters when you press it. Automatic transmission vehicle owners will want to take note if their vehicle takes a lot of time to move when shifted into gear. If it doesn't move at all when shifted into gear, if your vehicle bucks or kicks while driving, or if your vehicle decreases speed when pressing on the gas pedal. All of this is to say that, should you find yourself in need of a transmission replacement service, the certified technicians at Bergeron Volvo are more than equipped to handle the job.

Replacing Your Volvo's Transmission is Worth It

While some owners may be scared of the price tag that comes with a transmission replacement, it's often far less expensive than purchasing a new car. If you're dead set on purchasing a new vehicle, Bergeron Volvo Cars would absolutely be more than happy to help you find your next Volvo. However, if you are happy with your current vehicle and it faces no other significant issues, replacing your transmission is definitely worth the cost.

Let the Certified Technicians at Bergeron Volvo Cars Replace Your Transmission

If the time finally arrives when you need to get your transmission replaced, the certified technicians at Bergeron Volvo will ensure that the service is performed expertly. We only use genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, so you can trust our team of highly-trained Volvo professionals to take the best care of your vehicle. Schedule online or call our service department today.

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