Transmission Fluid Exchange is Essential

Transmission fluid exchange is an essential transmission system maintenance. Transmission fluid is a lubricating hydraulic fluid that serves the transmission as both a lubricating oil for the moving internal parts and a power-transferring hydraulic fluid. Keeping the internal components lubricated while transferring torque within makes the transmission fluid an essential transmission system component that needs to stay at its best through exchange maintenance.

Old transmission fluid is often contaminated with things like metal shavings that threaten its lubricative effectiveness. Putting off a needed transmission fluid exchange comes with the great consequence of transmission overheating and costly damages. With the greatest consequence of defective transmission fluid being transmission replacement, it is an excellent decision to adhere to Volvo's recommendation for fluid exchange. 

Symptoms of Defective Transmission Fluid 

As the condition and integrity of transmission fluid worsen, symptoms of defective performance usually emerge in the owner's driving experience. If your Volvo begins experiencing the common symptoms of faulty transmission fluid, it is an excellent judgment to have the fluid inspected professionally and exchanged as needed to restore specifications that protect the transmission's internal moving parts.

Here are the most common symptoms related to defective transmission fluid:

  • Makes a grinding noise or other strange sounds when operating 
  • Difficulty or problems with shifting gears
  • Vehicle surges after delayed gear engagement 
  • Gears slip in or out without prompt or what appears sporadically 
  • Dashboard warning light for transmission overheating 


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Volvo Transmission Fluid Exchange in Metairie, LA

When it comes to the complexity of the transmission system and its service requirements, our customers never have to fret or fuss with transmission fluid exchange from a substandard independent shop with untrained and uncertified mechanics when we line up all of the finest service ingredients to maximize their results and value. When your Volvo is due for transmission fluid exchange, we invite you to receive quality care from a service department sharing your vehicle's name.

We manage a state-of-the-art service department at Bergeron Volvo Cars that employs certified technicians that understand your Volvo and its transmission system inside and out. Not only do our certified technicians have extensive training on the Volvo transmission system, but they have vast experience performing the range of transmission services that make us the best to service your vehicle. 

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