Volvo Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation 101

Tire rotation moves every wheel assembly to a different position. When this is completed according to the recommended schedule, it helps protect the tires from rapid wear caused by operating in the same position for too long. Depending upon the results of the tire inspection and a review of previous rotations, a certified technician selects the ideal rotation pattern best for mitigating the presenting rapid and uneven tire wear condition. The benefits of following Volvo's recommendation for tire rotations at a specified interval include even tread wear, extended tire life, smoother driving, and decreased tire replacement expenses overall. 

Volkswagen Tire Rotation in Metairie, LA

At Bergeron Volvo Cars, we operate a state-of-the-art tire department that employs certified technicians that understand your Volvo, its tires, and its tire rotation maintenance inside and out. We have performed countless tire inspections to help assist our customers in knowing precisely when tire rotation is necessary. When a Volvo in New Orleans or Jefferson is due for a routine tire rotation, we invite them to receive a quality tire rotation from a certified service department carrying the same Volvo name as their vehicle.


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Vital Tire Rotation Maintenance

Tire rotation is vital when considering the benefits of following the maintenance schedule compared to the consequences of putting it off. Putting off scheduled tire rotation maintenance will allow the tires to wear quickly where they face concentrated steering and handling pressures. If the rapid and uneven tire wear is not corrected, the problem will only worsen with time as the symptoms also worsen. If your Volvo already has rapid wear, you can expect these symptoms to follow:

  • Car pulls to a side when driving straight
  • Off-centered steering wheel while driving straight
  • Vibration felt in the steering wheel
  • Minor to severe shaking within the cabin
  • Tires losing air pressure
  • Tires blowout

When To Schedule Tire Rotation

Volvo generally recommends the first rotation after initial mounting at 3,000 miles and the consequential rotations at a 6,000-mile interval. Depending upon your model, it might be an excellent judgment of efficiency to simply rotate the tires alongside each oil change. However, we also remind our customers that rotating tires in response to the emergence of rapid and uneven tire wear is always a good judgment regardless of the vehicle's mileage and the interval. 

Service Center at Bergeron Volvo Cars

Bergeron Volvo Cars employs certified technicians in our genuine Volvo service center.  We can complete Volvo repairs & maintenance with genuine OEM parts. Contact us to set up a tire rotation service and be sure to check out our service & parts specials!

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