Synthetic Oil Change

Volvo Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Volvo has meticulously engineered every engine with a known oil change interval that balances risk and reward. Volvo generally recommends models with full-synthetic engine oil to change the oil at a 10,000-mile interval. Owners with the oil change monitoring system can simply do what it says; however, unequipped older-model Volvos benefit significantly when the owner follows the recommended oil change schedule set forth by Volvo in the owner's manual.

Synthetic Oil Change in Metairie, LA

Our loyal customers from New Orleans understand the value of certified Volvo service that keeps their engine running at its best in support of your vehicle's reliable performance. When you want to keep your Volvo's engine running its best for longer, we invite you to receive a full-synthetic oil change from a service center with the Volvo name on the signage.


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Dangers of Extending the Oil Change Interval

The benefits of following the recommended oil change schedule have opposing consequences. When a Volvo owner chooses to extend the oil change interval beyond the recommended mileage, they are choosing to increase engine risks, such as increased wear and tear, shorter service life, secondary damages, engine overheating, and then the vehicle's reliability. With the little relative cost of routine oil changes compared to the vast benefits that the engine receives with adherence to the oil change schedule, it simply escapes logic to extend the oil change interval beyond Volvo's recommendation. 

Oil Changes with Certified Technicians

Our oil changes are always completed by a certified technician in a state-of-the-art facility supported with genuine OEM parts. We will drain the broken down oil, remove the old oil filter, inspect for oil leaks, and then install fresh factory authorized full-synthetic oil and a new oil filter according to specifications. The expert technician will then reset the oil change monitoring system with equipped models, and you will be good-to-go with peak engine lubrication for thousands of miles to come. When your Volvo oil change light comes on or it reaches the recommended interval, schedule an oil change at Bergeron Volvo Cars.

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