Volvo Four-Wheel Alignment

Knowing when Four-Wheel Alignment is Due

The alignment of each wheel will eventually get knocked out of factory specifications with time. Whether misalignment stems from slamming into a pothole, hitting curbs while parking, or steering component wear & tear, we know exactly what to look for in diagnosing a misalignment condition. When rapid and uneven tire wear emerges across a set of tires, corrective four-wheel alignment is necessary to restore specifications, extend tire life, and reduce long-term tire replacement costs.

Symptoms of Misalignment

A wheel misalignment condition is known to cause major problems for tires beginning with rapid wear as the telltale first warning sign. While it is very possible for our customers to identify wheel misalignment with alignment inspections, more often than not, it is the rapid and uneven tire wear signaling the need for a four-wheel alignment. If wheel misalignment goes undetected and the rapid tire wear is not corrected, the situation will worsen to begin causing these symptoms:

  • Vehicle that pulls to a side when driving straight
  • Shaking & vibrations at higher speed
  • Tires losing air pressure
  • Tire blowout

Four-Wheel Alignment in Metairie, LA

When a Volvo has tires showing signs of rapid and uneven wear, it is time for a corrective four-wheel alignment from a certified service department staffed with certified technicians. We have the best resources to provide our customers with quality care that restores precision specifications where each wheel assembly meets the steering components. When you want to get the most out of your tire investment and protect a pleasant driving experience, we invite you to Bergeron Volvo Cars for a four-wheel alignment at our state-of-the-art Volvo service department.


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Precision Four-Wheel Alignment with Computerized Equipment 

We take our four-wheel alignment to the highest level of accuracy and precision with computerized alignment equipment, a certified service protocol, and a certified technician with vast training and direct experience performing the service across all Volvo models. A certified technician will measure each wheel angle - toe, camber, and caster - adjusting them precisely as needed to secure specifications. Our customers leave with peace-of-mind knowing that factory specifications guide how each tire grips the road. Schedule your four-wheel alignment today.

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