The Volvo XC40 brings a much more unique SUV to our lineup with its interesting blend of simplicity and luxury. The exterior has a much more futuristic look, as befitting the brands Swedish upbringing, complete with bolder colors and accents that can be altered to meet your style. On the inside, you'll find an interior design that is, once again, deeply engrained in its Scandinavian roots and provides a lot of storage not only for cargo, but for smaller common objects, such as coins, credit cards and cell phones.

Intelligently-Designed Technology

The Volvo XC40 contributes a much more futuristic feel, not just in its design, but in its range of onboard technology designed to make driving and entertaining a lot easier. Let the XC40 be your guide through the New Orleans streets with the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist System and City Safety, Cross Traffic Alert system with auto brake. When you want to pull up directions or change the station, simply use the nine-inch Sensus touchscreen that recognizes voice commands as naturally as if you were speaking into your phone.

Get Yours Today!

The Volvo XC40 is not available at this time, but you can reserve one today right here at Bergeron Volvo in Metairie, LA. But, reserve one soon as this model is currently in short supply! If you have any questions about the Volvo XC40, don't hesitate to give our sales team a call at (888) 419-4012!

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