In many cases, when you buy a used car, it's hard to know if you're getting a sure thing. After all, even if a car was well-maintained, there's no guarantee that it will last. Fortunately, when you purchase a certified pre-owned Volvo from Bergeron Volvo Cars, you get peace-of-mind as a standard feature. That is because the certified Volvos we sell at our dealership in Metairie have gone through a rigorous process to ensure their reliability, meaning that you can have the same confidence that you would have as if you had purchased a new vehicle.

The Certified Pre-Owned Process

Not every pre-owned Volvo we receive will qualify to bear the title of "certified pre-owned." That's because the certification process is quite demanding. It starts with an inspection that looks at over 100 different vehicle elements. If any of these elements fail and can't be repaired, the vehicle can't qualify as a certified pre-owned Volvo.

After the inspection is complete, we go to work to restore the vehicle to a like-new appearance that is sure to turn heads when driving around Mandeville. Inside and out, our technicians work hard to remove any trace of dirt or imperfection until you're left with a clean and polished piece of art that you can be proud to drive around New Orleans.

The Perks

In order to pass our certification process, our pre-owned Volvos are inspected just as thoroughly as a new car would be. Fortunately, though, because the vehicle is used, you can enjoy a used-car price on what is essentially a new car. This lower price saves you money up-front and helps save money on property taxes and insurance premiums.

Plus, because we're so confident in our certification process, the certified pre-owned Volvos that we sell are eligible for exclusive warranties that can add even more peace-of-mind.

Our Dealership

For three generations, our family-owned dealership has been proud to serve Slidell and beyond. Thus, when you buy a vehicle from us, you can be confident that we'll stand behind what we sell. We know that our reputation rides on each customer being totally satisfied, which is why we work hard only to sell the best vehicles to meet your needs in the Covington area.

Plus, once you've purchased your vehicle, you'll find that we'll continue to support you with a superb maintenance department near Hammond, LA that will keep your vehicle operating reliably for years to come. Stop by today and see the certified pre-owned difference for yourself.

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